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How it all began

LifeQuay was founded in January 2018 with the sole purpose of making people’s lives simpler.

The founders (Craig and Gregor), are lucky enough to be married, have kids, parents and wider families. We also have loans, mortgages, cars, insurance policies and lots of other stuff that needs to be managed.

We love the madness and complexity in our lives but we also want to free up as much time as possible to do what we really love rather than having to focus on boring, frustrating administration. We think too much time is spent working out how much you pay for what, when your renewals are happening, wondering if you are getting the best deals, trying to locate your important documents when needed etc.

We therefore came up with the idea of LifeQuay and started chatting to people about it. We got a great response so ran a ‘friends and family’ investment round. We also successfully got grants approved through excellent support from both Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise. These monies combined meant we had sufficient funds to get through our initial product launch and so the journey started.

Our focus now is on supporting our initial LifeQuayers through launch to ensure they are enjoying the experience and getting value from the platform and then working with them to decide on what new functionality we release next (we have a list as long as your arm to choose from so need input from our community on what will deliver the most value).