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Life can get complicated.

Let us help you make it simple.

LifeQuay allows you to manage all your daily home & life administration plus those big one-off transactions from a single place while also keeping all of your important documents safe and accessible.

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Manage your daily home and life admin

Your own personalised homepage.


You’ll get reminders of what's due when and, if you want it, receive tailored offers from other providers so you can be sure you are getting the best deal.

Making those big one-off transactions easier

The big transactions in life - like buying a house, for example - are complicated.

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Dealing with lawyers when buying a house or getting a will can be a frustrating and daunting experience. LifeQuay helps you through this by providing you with regular updates, shows your current status and highlights what needs to happen next.

Your personalised Vault

We let you store all of your important documents in one place and you can access them at any time.

Passport Scan

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Will - Jane Doe

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Car Insurance

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Letting Agreement

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Inheritance contents

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Virgin Media

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LifeQuay lets you store all of your important documents in one place (passports, wills, deeds etc) and also create personalised memories for each of your loved ones for when you are gone.

Keeping your data secure

Your data belongs to you. We will never share your personal data with 3rd parties.

We will never share your personal data - we know the foundation of our success is based on building trust between us and you and keeping your data safe is key.

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