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What's next?

We have launched the first version of Lifequay with lots more planned - however we want you to shape what we do and when and be part of the journey.

Initially we are partnering professional services firms (for example, lawyers and Financial Advisors ) to launch LifeQuay but in the not too distant future, when we have a more fully formed product, we will look to make the platform available to everyone directly.

To help us focus on the right things, we would really love to get your input.

Below are a list of the features we are planning to add throughout 2019 and beyond, and it would be really helpful to hear from you on what you would value most. To provide some feedback, fill in the form at the bottom.

  • Deal room which will give you tailored offers related to upcoming events such as your car insurance being about to expire (you can switch these off in your preferences if you do not want to receive)
  • Autolink with your providers so your policy information (i.e. policy details plus policy documents) are automatically loaded onto the platform
  • 'GDPR assistant’ which will scan your email to list all companies who have your data. Have ability to unsubscribe directly from this summary view
  • Action ‘buttons’ that can be used during transactions with your lawyers to make the process more systematic (currently the interaction with lawyers is mainly free flow text)
  • New, additional ways to engage with your lawyers including being able to directly set up meetings with them, ’nudge’ them to complete actions, set up Skype calls etc
  • 'In-transaction' offers where you will receive specific offers relating to where you are in the process e.g. offers from removal companies when your date of entry is confirmed
  • Link to 'open banking' to enable you to conduct banking from within the platform
  • Targeted advertising from local companies (you can switch this off in your preferences if you do not want to receive)
  • Customer satisfaction functionality that will all you to provide feedback on your experience with your lawyer
  • New sharing permissions model that allows users to also share ‘quaypoint’ information (currently users can only share transaction information)

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